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OPTn is txt alerts to private/public groups…

We find now that the first thing we look for when going out is our cellphone. There seems to be an obsession with being connected to our friends and the outside world, so the cellphone is carried with us at all times.

OPTn is unique in that it offers councils, civil defence and businesses a permission* based service connecting them to mobile phone users who want to receive alerts about situations and about their particular goods or service.

The consumer phone details are held by OPTn, so the information providers never have access to these phone details and phone lists will never be sold to third parties.

OPTn provides mobile phone users with a service to make an on the spot decision and subscribe to a particular service by sending a txt to an unique code and virtual number 61427792934. This makes their mobile number available, to receive FREE alerts from the subscribed services. Please note than the Mobile carrier currently charge you 31c to OPTn and 31c to OPTx (stop) but FREE to receive alerts. Therefore the cost to Optn(opt-in) and optx(opt -out) via mobile phone is 31c Vodafone incl gst. Telecom and 2degrees charges are unknown at this stage but expect it to be similar.

Alternatively you will be able to OPT in and out FREE from this website shortly.

…. on how to send a txt to your business or local Civil defence. e.g To OPT in to Auckland Council Civil Defence send the txt “ rdcd’ to 61427792934 nb. The + symbol is not necessary on most phones.