privacy title

OPTN Service

OPTN Limited (“OPTN”) recognises the importance of safeguarding your mobile phone number. As an institution offering SMS and TXT services OPTN needs to obtain your mobile number in the course of providing SMS and TXT services. Because this number is confidential and important to you, we think it is important you know how we treat your number.

OPTN assures you that:

We are committed to protecting your privacy in the mobile environment.

We endeavour to monitor and hold compliant the licensee’s obligation to you on message content and regularity.
We only use your number to:

  • Link to OPTN licensees to provide SMS and TXT alerts to information, promotions and services;
  • Inform you of products & services you have indicated an interest in.

OPTN will not sell your mobile number to third parties

Your mobile number is retained on a secured portion of our website and database and accessible by No-One outside of authorized personnel of OPTN Limited.

Privacy Act 1993

Under the Privacy Act 1993 we advise:
The OPTN process contains applications which collect mobile numbers so that OPTN licensees can offer you their alerts, information, products and services. This number is being collected and held by OPTN Limited, Auckland, New Zealand; You have rights of access to, and correction of, the mobile number.


By using the OPTN service you agree to authorise the following:

  • You authorise OPTN to obtain, use and link any and all your numbers for the purposes set out above.