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Optn allows you to take control of mobile alerts to people needing or wanting to be informed.

Ever wanted a method to reach people that are interested in living or info from your organisation? Then OPTN txt alerts is for you!

With any other form of alert you need to plan a campaign and target a date in the future to alert. This takes time, is costly and doesn’t always reach your target market. Add to the mix other factors like the weather and clashes with other alerts and market “noise”, you can waste valuable resource.

With OPTN you have the power to alert proactively based on what is happening now, as well as in the future!

With OPTN you can create alerts on the spot from your mobile phone or from the OPTn website, anywhere, anytime. These messages are sent via SMS to people that have opted in to receive information from you. The advantage of this is that you are sending information to people that are genuinely interested in your alerts.

It is much more efficient to get your message to people who are interested rather than typical mass alerts that relies on bombarding many to inform a few.

Optn alerts:

If this sounds like something you are interested in then contact us to find out about how you can sign up, or download the forms below and return to the following address:

If you are a non profit organization looking to get your message to the people then you need OPTN.

OPTN allows for any organization to update consumers about information of their choice from Traffic alerts to public meetings.

OPTN provides the necessary tools and business connections for you to get your message to the people at no charge to the recipient. Enquire now!!

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